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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Conflicted Mark 11:1-11 Today is the final Sunday in the season of Lent, the last time we’ll be together for Sunday worship in this place this year before we celebrate Easter. For weeks now we’ve been engaging in holy conversations about our lives, about our faith, about how our faith is lived out in the world. And part of the practice of Lent has been to confess, repent, reassess our lives for… Read More

I spent last week in Chicago, part of which was spent working on a book proposal.  This experience was much more labor and emotion intensive than I’d anticipated.  Several questions floated on the periphery of my consciousness all week, questions like: If I write about my life, what is the consistent thread running through the story? And, so many crazy/amazing/ridiculous things have happened to me–which of those things have resonance for that… Read More

Cliché John 3:14-21 Welcome to the fourth Sunday of Lent and to this season where we’ve been invited again and again into holy conversations, with the text, with each other, and with God. I hope as you’ve been navigating this season of reflection, confession, repentance…that you’ve found opportunities for a holy conversation or two, and that you’ve taken the risk of sharing the truth about your life. It’s funny that our theme… Read More

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Yale Divinity School and share some thoughts on vocation with new friends there.  Here’s a reflection on Matthew 4:1-11 that I offered in chapel while I was there. I grew up on the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii. Every summer when we’d pack our suitcases and get on an airplane for the long trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Chicago…. Read More

A Hard Word Mark 8:31-38 I am pleased to announce that beginning March 22, you and I will be able to purchase Girl Scout Cookies in the neighborhood of The Riverside Church. I am pretty sure that this opinionated congregation could have extensive conversations about which type of Girl Scout Cookie is the best one, but let’s focus here: did you hear me? March 22. All I can say is I pity… Read More