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Monthly Archives: December 2011

It’s funny to me.  Today is all about you, Jesus, but we never hear how you felt or what you did. Joseph packed up the family and traveled to Bethlehem; Mary gave birth; the shepherds watched their sheep and the angels sang; the wise men traveled from afar. But what about you? How did you feel, being so suddenly pushed into a dark world, held in the arms of bewildered and scared… Read More

I am feeling disgustingly culturally savvy since taking in the Rembrandt in America installation at the North Carolina Museum of Art recently.  I took Art Appreciation in college, of course, but didn’t really appreciate anything artsy much until I happened to (strangely) birth a son who is a very gifted artist. Who knew? And so, I try to be as conversant as I can, which is usually not that much. Thanks to… Read More