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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Jesus Changes How I Give Mark 12: 38-44 It’s funny the things that stick with you.  I have a very clear memory of a science project from first grade, where each of us was given a white carnation and some food coloring.  I think we were supposed to learn about plants and water or something.  We put the food coloring (mine was blue, I think) into some water and then left our… Read More

Re-Imagine: A Straight Path Jeremiah 31:7-14   The last few weeks we’ve been reading the prophetic lectionary texts, passages from the great prophets of the Hebrew people.  We know from our study that prophets were an important part of the life of the Israelites after the monarchy began.  Prophets were usually ordinary people who were given the task by God of pointing out injustice and wrongdoing.  Basically, they were the burr under… Read More

Everybody’s talking about Clergy Appreciation Month this October. Okay, well, maybe not everybody.  Mostly my preacher friends are talking about Clergy Appreciation Month this October, as most people I know would (rightly) make fun of such a Hallmark-generated occasion.  Let’s be honest…it’s not like Clergy Appreciation Month is a major liturgical season like, say, Advent; it’s not even a semi-sacred occasion like the also Hallmark created Mother’s Day. But since Hallmark invented… Read More

A two-part homily on the occasion of Rachel Johnson’s ordination to the Gospel ministry. Re-Imagine: Good and Just Amos 5:6-7; 10-15 AMY BUTLER: What a day of worship we have had already this morning!  We give thanks to God for the many, many blessings we see, lived out in so many ways in this community of faith.  We are grateful.  In a few moments we come again to do the work of… Read More

Re-Imagine Affiliations Psalm 26 When I was growing up we had an illustrated copy of Aesop’s Fables for children at my house.  I read it many times, and those fables made their way into my memory.  Specifically, I remember the Rabbit and the Hare—slow and steady wins the race; the Ant and the Grasshopper—you pay in the end for idle time and laziness; The Boy Who Cried Wolf…you know, all of that. … Read More