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Monthly Archives: February 2007

From ashes to “hosannas” we follow you.Walk with us through the desert, Lord, even as we stumble and fall on our journey to the cross.Create a holy pause in our cluttered lives.Empty us of all that would keep us fromentering into your suffering for thesake of the world.Sharlande Sledge I’m giving up church for Lent. You heard me. After a challenging year of rigorous work, opening a new facility, welcoming new staff… Read More

Today is my birthday. For those of you would never believe if you saw me, I am now, uh, 37 years old. Strange, only a very short time ago being 37 seemed really old and completely incomprehensible personally. Now it seems so young . . . carefree, just really at the beginning of life . . . . (Apparently, it is also delusional.)Last year on my birthday I received a card which… Read More

I have spent much of my free time the over the last week serving as research assistant in the Social Studies efforts of my 8-year-old, Sammy. Sam had to do a project on an ancient city, including a timeline, and one other assignment. He could choose between making a model of the ancient city and writing a newspaper article as if he lived in the city during an important time in history…. Read More

I’ve always known that great things can be achieved with a hair dryer. I’ve known this fact because I myself have occasionally exited a professional hair salon looking far better than I have ever looked after any effort exercised by myself on my own behalf. I knew this about hair dryers. What I did not know and would never have believed, ever in my entire life before now, is that, since I… Read More

I first became aware of the poem about 10 years ago. It was painted, lettered by hand, on a white cinderblock wall on Simon Bolivar Avenue in New Orleans. I drove past the wall every morning on my way to work at a large downtown homeless shelter where I ran a program for women.It always seemed a little curious to me that these words were painted on a wall bordering an empty… Read More