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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Here on the blog I’ve been summarizing some ideas from a book I read recently called, Back From the Dead: The Book of Congregational Growth, by Gerald Keucher.  In chapter four, “Packing Your Toolkit,” Keucher highlights some points about attitude, style, and spirit leaders need to bring with them in order to lead a congregation in a turnaround situation. As far as I can tell, when he says “style,” he is not… Read More

Number Your Days…The Third Day Luke 13:31-35 As many of you know, I celebrated a birthday this week.  As my younger sister helpfully pointed out, I am inching ever-closer to 50.  A lot of you asked me if I planned to do anything special for my birthday this past Wednesday, and I definitely did.  I spent the evening of my birthday with all my friends at our Wednesday Night Words small group,… Read More

For the next few blog posts I’ll be talking about some things I learned from a recent reading of the book, Back From the Dead: the Book of Congregational Growth, by Gerald Keucher.  Keucher is an Episcopal priest who has had some experience during his career of turning around parishes that are large in their physical plants but have declined to unsustainable membership and attendance numbers. Hmmm, this is beginning to sound… Read More

When I was a kid my grandmother lived with us for half of every year.  It was always fun for us to have my Dad’s mom right there with us; I am not so sure my mother felt the same way….  See, Grandma had her sacrosanct routines: Grapenuts cereal with bananas for breakfast every day, mass very early on Sunday mornings, and, as she called them, her shows.  Every weekday beginning at… Read More

Well, today is the start of Lent, as evidenced by the insane schedule at church and also the pancake dinner we ate last night. I woke up in a panic this morning, realizing I had not given much (any) serious thought to what kind of Lenten giving up or taking on I want to do this year.  I’m pretty sure my failed Lenten practice of last year—going vegan—is not on the list… Read More