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Monthly Archives: January 2008

I’m still muttering under my breath from time to time: “Why didn’t they have something like this when I was graduating from seminary??!?!?!”  What a great idea to offer young ministers a hands on experience in the parish since we all know . . . most of what a pastor experiences at work was never covered in seminary–it takes hard time on the ground to learn the real stuff. The Cooperative Baptist… Read More

I’ve been thinking about confession lately. Lent, as you know, is almost upon us. This year at Calvary we’re spending a few weeks learning how to confess-the value of sharing our challenges, fears, failures with others and mostly, with God . . . as a blessed way of unburdening our heavy, heavy souls. To help us do that together in Sunday worship I’ve been on the prowl for creative ways to experience… Read More

I have not spent too many moments of these ten ordained years living life as one colleague described, “listening to the music.” Not the way he describes it, anyway. When I think about it, the “music” I hear most often is a cacophony made up of staff meetings, suggestions for improving the snacks in coffee hour, hymns that no one knows after all, all of these most times underscored, frankly, by the… Read More

It’s back to school this week for an intensive week reading about and discussing the preaching of Harry Emerson Fosdick.  Although I knew of Fosdick’s lasting legacy I’d never read his sermons before now.  They are dated, of course, set in a historical context by their language and style.  But I could not believe how relevant his words still seem for us today.  I wondered: what kind of preaching lasts beyond a… Read More

I’ve been spending some time lately with the writings of Julian of Norwich. An English woman who lived in the 1300s, Sister Julian was, admittedly, as one of my colleagues says, “a little whacked.” She is, however, also the author of my favorite regular meditation and breath prayer. (The possibilities for exploring these two facts and their relationship to each other will, I am quite sure, provide hours of entertainment for some… Read More

Powerful thoughts from Eugene Peterson’s introduction to 1, 2 and 3rd John in his biblical paraphrase The Message: “The two most difficult things to get straight in life are love and God. More often than not, the mess people make of their lives can be traced to failure or stupidity or meanness in one or both of these areas. The basic and biblical Christian conviction is that the two subjects are intricately… Read More