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Monthly Archives: April 2011

A Time to Dance Easter Sunday Matthew 28:1-10 King Kamehameha Day is celebrated every year on June 11th.  Growing up inHawaii, it was a day that rivaled the Fourth of July, for sure, when we would have the day off of school to celebrate.  The whole family would wake up very early in the morning to make our way downtown and stake out a place onSouth King Street, as close to the… Read More

Some pastors sing all the time in their sermons.  Lucky for those who regularly hear me preach, I am not one of those pastors.  Only once did I ever sing in a sermon–snippets of a lullaby my Mom used to sing to us when we were little.  You can’t hear me sing it here, but here’s the meditation in written form–some thoughts for these days we’re walking through.  Blessed Holy Week.

A Lament: I’m Scared Psalm 140 If I have to confiscate the Nerf guns my children were given by a family friend one more time, I think I will scream.  One of the most popular activities in our house seems to be running through the house, knocking things over, shooting each other, and many other things, with the soft foam bullets that come with a Nerf gun.  It’s generally a pretty evenly… Read More

Continuing my (very) long list of things I never knew pastors did as part of their work, today I planted a tree.  Okay, trees.  There were eight of them, four of them flowering cherry trees! And, technically, I didn’t actually plant the trees…a whole team from Casey Trees and Cesar Chevaz High School (along with some hardy Calvary members) did the actual dirty work.  After the trees were in the ground, we… Read More

A Lament: I’m Sinful Psalm 130 We’re still lamenting these days of the season of Lent, and our focus this morning is another Psalm of Lament, a portion of scripture in the Psalms that was born in some unknown circumstance of deep anguish.  We don’t know exactly who wrote it or why it was written, but we surely recognize the sentiments expressed in Psalm 130—a cry of lament not unlike the others… Read More

I find that it’s a constant personal struggle to feel holy.  This can be somewhat problematic, as I have a job that usually causes people (who don’t know me) to assume that I am more holy than the general public—thus upping the ante and imposing even more pressure on this poor, unholy pastor.  I want to feel holy—I want to be holy, in fact, but I confess that sometimes it just doesn’t… Read More