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Monthly Archives: June 2006

This litany we’ll use as our Call to Worship July 2. I always think hard about how to connect faith and citizenship, especially in this city. These words were such strong declarations of truth, and truth-telling, as we know in our individual and communal lives, is absolutely essential for freedom. Savor them a little more than just a few seconds on Sunday morning:As we gather for worship on a day celebrating the… Read More

Who would have thought that the first person in our family to undergo cosmetic surgery would be Mark? (Not really anyone who has ever met us, I am thinking . . . ). This past week was highlighted by the drama of Mark’s Lasik eye surgery. He’s worn glasses for long over 20 years and, he says, his softball career has suffered as a result. He can’t see things all that clearly… Read More

Referencing Wednesday’s post: if you care, here are the answers to Mark’s super difficult 8-year old treasure hunt. How many did you get? OVEN (Apparently you are supposed to look at the first letter of each line? Go figure.) The bar that holds the shower curtain in the kids’ bathroom. Underneath the big tub of dog food . . . . SWING SET FORT With the parents, of course. Who else would… Read More

Mark and I are often bored, with hours and hours of free time on our hands and nothing, just nothing, to fill them. Perhaps this delusional thought was what spurred us to plan a treasure hunt birthday party for our newly-minted 8 year old. Either that or we were trying to come up with something . . . anything . . . to rival best friend Max’s Star Wars birthday party a… Read More

I was talking with a friend today who was telling me about her family’s recent decision to become guardians of a 16 year old boy. The boy is the son, you see, of this friend’s adopted daughter’s birth mother (got it?). They decided to become his guardians after discovering that this young man was no longer attending school but staying home to take care of his very ill mother instead. My friends… Read More

In general there are excessive books in our house. This being the end of the school year, there are even more than usual lying around. This has resulted in more than the normal amount of clutter but, as usual, some moments of utter inspiration. Yesterday I happened upon one of my little offspring engrossed in a book and I asked him what he was reading. Looking up he answered, “This is some… Read More

I confess I was a little dubious. Ambivalent. Okay, actually kind of filled with trepidation. I mean, I know it is part of my job and everything, but I’m not much of a river rat myself. I can handle baptisms in the calm, warm waters of our church baptistery, but Zach really, really wanted to be baptized at our church camp that sits on the banks of the Potomac River. Do you… Read More

We came home this weekend. Well, technically we didn’t really move that far (right next door), and by “we” I mean the congregation of Calvary Baptist Church. For the past three plus years the church has been occupying our built-during-the-Civil-War sanctuary for everything from quarterly business meetings to Christmas sing-alongs. The administrative, educational and programming space of the church has been undergoing total renovation and actually being completely rebuilt in part. The… Read More

I’ve been watching quite a bit of Little League baseball recently because certain individuals in my household participate (not me). So, anyway, I find it part of my family responsibilities to sit in a folding chair at the baseball field and cheer on two Takoma Park Little League teams. I have to tell you: somehow this is not exactly what I imagined being a cheerleader might be like, but I guess better… Read More

We spent Memorial Day on the water, just a few miles from downtown DC. Our older two kids were out of town so our abbreviated family seemed so much more . . . mobile. We decided to take Monday to explore Annapolis. Hanging out along the waterfront we had an afternoon of ice cream, sail boats and crab cakes. Isn’t it such an irony that we often live in a city but… Read More