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Monthly Archives: October 2006

What can you do with a crumpled ball of aluminum foil, a clump of different colors of modeling clay all smashed together and various treasures discovered in Dad’s tool box? Sam discovered this week you can do a pretty fine job of constructing a 3D model of an insect for your 3rd grade science project.Please notice the careful detail included on this anatomically correct bee: hinged legs painstakingly constructed of nails and… Read More

I guess I always knew church was a place folks came to hear assurances about the way the Gospel intersects their personal lives, but for whatever reason our recent sermon series in worship, called When God Hides, has struck a chord somewhere deep inside a whole lot of people. I regularly receive feedback on worship but I don’t think I have had so many calls, emails, letters and conversations from so many… Read More

Don’t you love it when you’re reading for pleasure and one sentence or two strikes you as so well-said that you have to write it down? That happened to me this week as I began March by Geraldine Brooks. (I should have known there might be some good writing in the book since it did win the 2006 Pulitzer Prize.) I stopped reading to mark the following, and made a vow to… Read More

World Communion Sunday at Calvary found us celebrating communion with all different kinds of bread. The variety and diversity were tangible symbols of the differences represented when we gather around the table of Christ, especially on this day when we celebrate a worldwide communion. To invite us all to the table we had members of our congregation from different world groups bring a representative loaf of bread from their culture, declare its… Read More

After watching The Simpson’s episode Life On the Fast Lane in Sunday School yesterday morning, we learned our assignment for the week was to think about someone we love and make sure to do something to show that person we love them. This may sound like a no-brainer, but in my family it takes some pretty strange things to really show your love. I know what you’re thinking . . . fresh… Read More

It’s been far too long since I’ve recorded my thoughts here. Look for profound musings ahead on . . . World Communion Sunday, Clergy Appreciation Month, why Charleston, South Carolina is a hardship posting, and unconventional ways to say I love you. Coming soon . . . !