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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Just back from a week at the beach where I had the opportunity to learn some critical life lessons: 1. Best not to touch a jellyfish. 2. “even coverage” spray sunscreens do not provide “even coverage” 3. If you happen to be responsible for applying said “even coverage” to another individual’s back, it’s best to go the extra mile and distribute with hands (or those individuals might get mad the next day… Read More

  I already told you, I love this book.  Again, if you haven’t already, please read it.  Here’s yet another passage that struck me, especially from Calvary‘s perspective, the standpoint of a church with a long, long history . . . from pages 74-75: “On my way back home I take a little detour and stop at the address in Rome I find most strangely affecting–the Augusteum.  This big, round, ruined pile of brick… Read More

I am not comparing myself to Jason Bourne or anything but I am beginning to suspect a conspiracy. I recall not too long ago-last year, I believe it was-when I happened to be having an orientation session with my new pastoral intern. We were walking down a busy Washington, D.C. street together and I was animatedly talking about something (which I am quite sure was very important). I’m not sure what happened… Read More

We came upon her crumpled on the living room floor in tears. Her back heaved as she sobbed. We immediately ran to her aid: “Hannah, what’s wrong? What happened?” She sat up and said: “Oh, don’t worry. I’m just practicing my death scene.”

I had the passing thought once that maybe I should try my hand at writing fiction. But then, I thought, “What could I possibly make up that is weirder than my real life?” Last Sunday we held a baptism. I love baptisms. I especially loved this one because it was the baptism of someone dear to me. Administrative matters run pretty smoothly around here, mostly thanks to Paul our Church Administrator, but, as… Read More

I am wondering today what the phrase “life is just a bowl of cherries” is supposed to mean anyway. There’s a bowl of cherries at my house–or, correction, there was. The cumulative result of that acquisition is: cherry stems all over the floor; slimy cherry pits (most in the garbage, some not); and children with sticky faces and stained fingers. Stained fingers touching things. Surely this result was not what the authors… Read More