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Monthly Archives: November 2008

I was talking with a friend today about church. He said what I hear so many people say . . . that he wasn’t sure about the future of the institutional church. Will it survive in the expression it has come to take in society of late? That is, as the consumer-driven machine through which we scramble and struggle to give people what they want: need a program for your teenager? Done…. Read More

I’m probably supposed to call you something more important now that you’ll soon be our country’s First Lady but I’m not sure what I should call you exactly, and, anyway, we’re not much for titles around here. I thought I’d write because I’m sure your husband is busy choosing Cabinet officials and all that . . . and, when it comes to matters of your family’s spiritual nurture I suspect you’ll be… Read More

This week I traveled to Hawaii to be with my parents and my sisters and brothers because my Dad gave us quite a scare with some health issues recently. He had to spend some time at the hospital while the doctors tried to correct the problem, and they think they did for now. The long and short of it, though, was that it became startlingly apparent that, while all of us kids… Read More