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Monthly Archives: January 2007

It’s a strange, strange phenomenon. As I sat listening to her talk about leaving for Zimbabwe for at least six months carrying only a backpack, I was caught somewhere in between nostalgic recognition when I saw the sparkle in her eyes and heard the lift in her voice . . . and the strangely recognizable horror she described her parents feeling right at this moment.My friend Sadie has left for an adventure… Read More

I was talking with a friend today about how to make difficult decisions. I must be very naive, but I had thought, that is, I was under the impression, that once you got past the biggies (prom dress—strapless or sleeves?) that the process got easier. I’d thought there might be a point at which you could sort of turn on the cruise control and take a little break, that the road signs… Read More

“Those who wish to treat with charity that which must be treated with justice make a caricature of true loving action.” Archbishop Oscar Romero

Ahhhhh, the challenges and joys of following a dearly beloved pastor . . . even three pastorates later. One joy, I’ve found, is telling the stories again, stories that have become almost legendary in our community. Yesterday, on a Sunday when we were giving thanks together for the legacy of visionary leaders, I had the opportunity to tell again a story from Calvary’s history. Clarence Cranford shepherded the Calvary congregation through the… Read More

I comment relatively often on faith and film here on this blog (here and here, for example). In class today we discussed the fact that as preachers we cannot ignore the impact of modern media on the understanding our parishoners bring to the biblical narrative. By way of demonstrating liberties taken by filmmakers and the way those choices work themselves into our collective consciousness, our professor provided the following list: Things I… Read More

Exile. The word standing alone has rather somber connotations. In class today (Biblical Interpretation for Preaching to a New Generation . . . perhaps by the end of the class I will have some understanding of what exactly the title means . . .) we discussed in great length Walter Brueggemann’s masterful book Cadences of Home: Preaching Among Exiles. In it Bruggemann explores the metaphor of exile as one we might use… Read More

I’ve been trying to get him to start his own blog for some time. I know it’s true that my very good friend and colleague Jim Somerville is far too busy appearing on CNN and editing his sermons for publication to spend his time blogging, but, frankly, I’d like to have more opportunities to read what he thinks. And I think the rest of the world might like that opportunity, too. (Is… Read More

I learned a little about the Blues while mindlessly surfing the Internet trying any tack remotely reasonable to put off even further my homework for class this week. I’m here reporting that I have been reasonably successful in putting off my hard work even further and I now share with you the fruits of, if I do say so myself, truly masterful procrastination. All I can say is, if this whole pastor… Read More