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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Why do people come to church? Regular readers of this blog will know that I think about this topic quite often. Apparently, other people do, too.  Or at least they think about it sometimes. In her recent Washington Post Magazine article “Church Junkie,” V.C. Chickering recounts her own adventure of finding a community of faith. She describes a personal crisis that led her to look for “people who would be nice to… Read More

It happened as most of these conversations happen. I was sitting in the front hall of the elementary school waiting for my son to get out of an afterschool program. As I sat there the woman next to me, known to me previously only as “Max’s Mom”, chatted with me about all the things that mothers of second graders chat about. Eventually we got around to the dreaded question: “What do you… Read More

I was berated by passengers in my van twice the other day. These two individuals got into the van on two completely separate occasions, and after I started the van each of one made a funny face and expressed disbelief at the music in my CD player. Of course, this in itself was not a foreign experience for me, as I am regularly mocked by my dear husband for my general taste in… Read More

I made a new friend the other day. It happened at the Department of Motor Vehicles, in the line to get a number so we could stand in a line to wait for the line where we would stand to be assigned a DMV representative, whose line we would then go stand in. There was a woman standing in line next to me for the significant amount of time that I spent… Read More

This post was written in 2007 and reposted on the blog today.  Blessed Good Friday, all. Holy Week is rather intense around our house, primarily because Mom is working a lot and we all spend quite a bit of time at church. Since this also happens to be Spring Break (no school) well, you might imagine the juggling going on. To try to keep things straight I’ve lately found myself reviewing the… Read More

Okay, in general I completely disagree with that statement. But I got a chance to rethink my position just yesterday, and now I am just not sure at all. See, we recently found our iron. This is a very sad commentary on either the state of our unpacking priorities (as we moved almost 14 months ago) or on the value we as a family place on the task of ironing our clothes…. Read More