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Monthly Archives: January 2014

The Value of Place Mission, Vision, Values Matthew 4:12-23 Last summer at a conference I was randomly assigned a roommate who turned into a new friend.  Stacey is a pastor in upstate New York, but she hails from Minnesota.  You can tell she’s from Minnesota because, well, of the way she talks.  She also talks about hockey.  A lot.  This week on her Facebook page she listed 25 things Minnesotans do that… Read More

I wrote a bit this week about the constant tension in the church between hard core discipleship and watered down Jesus.  In the piece (which you can read here), I talked quite a bit about my boot camp teacher Tyrone.  Just to prove I wasn’t over exaggerating, I snuck a picture of him today.  Before he yelled at me to stop messing around and get back to work.

Here’s a little poem for those of us suffering from New Year’s Resolution Fatigue (I just invented that disorder).  It’s from an amazing little book called God Got a Dog, written by Cynthia Rylant with illustrations like the one below, by Marla Franzee. God took a bath   With Her clothes on. Her robe, to be specific Why did She do this? She was shy, that’s why. A little self-conscious about Her… Read More

Calvary DC Deacon Chair 2014, Rachel Johnson, shared the following meditation during communion with the new 2014 deacon board today.  I loved it. “The internalizing of openness to God and concern for neighbors is what it means to be a Christian, rather than simply act like a Christian.  That the church can produce this kind of person is a persuasive recommendation for the church. Within the fellowship of the church, we help… Read More

What God Really Thinks of You Matthew 3:13-17 I’m so glad you’re here this morning!  Today we begin several weeks of talking about identity, values, and mission of our congregation—this church.  If you’re newer to Calvary, these next few weeks will be a great time to listen and think and learn about who this congregation is.  But we start the conversation today, on Baptism of Jesus Sunday, with a little more personal… Read More

So, here’s an experience I had over Christmas, along with a bit of pontificating about whether church can be a place to ask hard questions.  Check it out.