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Monthly Archives: July 2012

I’ve been looking back a lot these past days.  I went back and reread years and years of blog entries and remembered when I was young.  And funny.  And when I was still being formed as a pastor and mother and person in general, and all of the strange observations I made over the course of that process. I have looking back a lot these days to try to discern where a… Read More

You can read a version of this entry in The Washington Post. I’ve been a little surprised at the outpouring of interest and support that has come Calvary’s way after we voted this week to disaffiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).  We are not the first Baptist church to leave the SBC, but perhaps we’re a congregation whose history of relationship with the SBC made that separation a little harder. Calvary’s… Read More

We Are the Church: Blessing Our Commitments John 2:1-11 Did you ever notice how often Jesus and weddings go together in the Gospels?  Jesus was forever talking about weddings and the Kingdom of God, comparing a wedding celebration to life in relationship with the Divine.  Weddings were among his favorite sermon illustrations!    We preacher types also love to use the metaphor of weddings in our preaching, too.  Everybody understands what a wedding… Read More

It appears that Ross Douthat of the New York Times started a bit of a firestorm last week with his article, “Can Liberal Christianity Be Saved?”  I am, of course, primarily basing this statement on evidence from my Facebook feed; I presume that much of the reading world really cared very little about Douthat’s thoughts.  Nevertheless, his commentary focused on a recent meeting of the Episcopal church, positing that a more liberal… Read More

Calvary member Rachel Johnson recently sent me this reflection, just “a thing she wrote.”  As it is a quite beautiful thing, I asked her permission to share it here.  We’ve begun lately a series in worship called We Are the Church, where we do the work of the church in Sunday morning worship a little more unconventionally than normal.  We began the series with a service celebrating the life of Calvary member… Read More

I have a friend who always cries at happy endings.  The first time this happened in my presence I looked at him incredulously…I mean, it was a movie with a really happy ending, no need to cry!  Always, he informed me, he cries…really cries…when things end happily.  I admit: I never really understood his tears of happiness.  This weekend, however, I had a hard time keeping the tears at bay, and I… Read More

We Are the Church: Commissioning for Service 2 Samuel 5:1-5; 9-10 This morning the work of being the church together continues for us.  Last week in worship we remembered the life of one of our Calvary saints, Dee Robbins, and today we continue tangibly exploring in Sunday morning worship some of the ways we function as the church together.  Today we are ordaining one of our own to the Gospel ministry, calling… Read More

We Are the Church: Comforting Each Other John 21: 9-19 Today we’re doing something a little unusual in morning worship.  We’re gathered for the worship of God this morning and we’re also remembering the life of one of our dearest Calvary members, Dee Robbins, who died this week.  Dee was a Calvary member for 61 years, and her memory is part of what guides our worship today.  Much of the music was… Read More