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Monthly Archives: August 2006

The start of school always brings a whole slew of adventures, and not just for the students in our family. The parents always get dragged along for the ride. If you count pre-school, I have been the parent of a school-going child for over ten years, so “what I did on vacation” essays, informational sheets, ridiculous lists of school supplies (where on earth will you store the THREE boxes of Kleenex required… Read More

Today it has been a whole year since the horror of hurricane Katrina began. I have the highest admiration for my friends in New Orleans who have doggedly determined their city will be, once again, a place of beauty. There’s a long, long way to go.Here’s an article about my dear friend Ann Freedman, one of those heroes.On this first anniversary we are witnesses to all this suffering and hope. And because… Read More

They woke up, brushed their teeth, got dressed, combed their hair, put their backpacks on and came to breakfast wearing them. Gotta love the first day of school!

Over the past two years I’ve been involved with a program called the Lewis Fellows, a program of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership at Wesley Theological Seminary that trains and nurtures young leaders in the church. (I don’t know how much longer I will be considered a “young leader” so I think I should mention this fact a lot until such time . . . .) This program draws a group… Read More

Okay, so if you are a pastor in Texas perhaps this is commonplace to you. For me it was something totally new. Perhaps I missed the day in seminary when we covered the Quinceñera service? It was quite an honor for me to be invited to help our Associate Pastor, Edgar Palacios, preside over the Quinceñera (fifteenth birthday, for those of you who have forgotten your High School Spanish) of Susana Reyes,… Read More

I’ve been invited to post occasionally over at Mainstream Baptist Blog Site. Frankly, I wouldn’t consider myself a spokesperson for Mainstream Baptists or any kind of expert in Church and State issues . . . all I can speak to is what I do day in and day out here at Calvary.Shockingly, thinking about all of this inspired the following post at the MB site, so I thought I’d post it here,… Read More

Lately I’ve been listening to The Message on CD as part of my daily spiritual practice. I find the language of Eugene Peterson’s paraphrase of scripture often catches my imagination and helps me think about how relevant the words of Jesus are for my own life. I have long owned a printed version of The Message, but listening on CD forced me to hear for the first time Peterson’s introduction. It is… Read More

Look into their eyes, would you? You can’t even hear them talk but just by looking you know what they’re thinking: “Here we are, ready to change the world! This big city had better be ready for us!” Can you see it in their eyes? Can you imagine the deep conviction and firey faith that inspired two young folks to pack up their lives and move to the big city? This week… Read More

Hey, head over to Ethics Daily to check out this article about “Centrist Baptist Bloggers”.

Since I was on vacation last Sunday the family stayed home from church, too. After an afternoon nap Mark and I came downstairs to find the dining room chairs assembled in rows, the coffee table set up with candles and bulletins (pictured above) thoughtfully provided for each member of the congregation (me and Mark).Turns out the kids had been feverishly working all afternoon to plan the service, including selecting appropriate piano pieces… Read More