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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Becoming Disciples: Keep My Commandments John 14:15-21 For the past few weeks we’ve been living in the light of Easter, following the first disciples around and trying to figure out, along with them, what the unbelievable events of Easter might mean in our everyday, post-Easter quest to follow Jesus. Many of the Gospel passages in our lectionary cycle following Easter tell about post resurrection appearances of Jesus.  This week and last week,… Read More

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Becoming Disciples: Know and Be Known John 10:1-10 Have you ever noticed how much preachers like to talk about sheep?  Seriously.  I cannot tell you the number of sermons about sheep I myself have heard, sermons peppered with stories of traveling to theMiddle Eastand seeing Bedouin sheepherders…or information about the temperaments and behavior of sheep…or stories about what it’s like to be a shepherd.  I know you will remind me that I… Read More

Becoming Disciples: Watch for Signs Luke 24:13-35 If you haven’t heard me tell it, maybe you’ve heard another preacher give it a spin…it’s a story that has almost become legend among my sermon-writing crowd, anyway.  It happened right here in our town on January 13, 2007 and I read about it in April of that year in the Washington Post magazine—do you remember the story of Joshua Bell in the Metro? Joshua… Read More

We Are the Champions?  Seriously? The song was playing on the car radio when I got in to go to work this morning.  It took awhile to realize that the radio station had been changed by my children the day before and thus was not tuned to NPR as it customarily is, but still. Still.  How shameful, pride-filled, and arrogant the notes of that song seemed to me in the wake of… Read More

Becoming Disciples: Ask the Questions John 20:19-31  We’ve just celebrated Easter, the highest and most holy day of the Christian year.  Perhaps, just like in you and me, last week brought out the very best and the very worst in the first disciples of Jesus.  Around the table that Passover dinner, you remember, The Last Supper, was Peter—the disciple whom Jesus renamed “the rock” for his future as a leader of the… Read More