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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Most free moments of this day have been spent eking out any last modicum of creativity left in the aftermath of the aforementioned Cree Indian craft projects. Yes, we’ve dug through closets, rummaged in the backyard shed, visited the attic and consulted the Internet. With ingenuity that would make the US Patent Office proud, we are now awaiting nightfall with two Samurai warriors and one pirate (with accompanying canine pirate). I don’t… Read More

This is how I write a blog entry: I go about my generally hectic life, trying desperately to accomplish everything I have to accomplish . . . you know, get the kids to school, remember appointments at work, visit all the people I need to visit, return emails, show up for special events, plan worship, make dinner, help with homework, return emails . . . . While I am doing all of… Read More

1994. New student at the seminary who seems rather shell-shocked. My introduction to the horrors of genocide in Rwanda. Into my life came Frederic . . . and Julianne . . . and Consolee and Felix. 11 years later, they are here in DC.  Safe.  Thanks be to God.

As you read the following you will think I am pulling your leg.  Not so.  Here’s the link to the LA Times for your thoughtful perusal.  And, please keep your “excited murmurs” to a minimum, if at all possible. By Stephanie Simon (c) 2007, Los Angeles Times FORT WORTH, Texas — Equal but different. You hear that a lot on the lush green campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. God values men and… Read More

Calvary has the good fortune of sharing ministry with a Burmese congregation.  Last Sunday, in response to the violence in Burma, our community held a prayer service in which we prayed for the people of Burma.  I was aware very poignantly in that service, of two strong sensations.  The first was a distinct unfamiliarity, kind of like I was observing the service from afar.  It was painfully obvious how little I actually… Read More