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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Just a few nights ago I was sitting in a meeting of Calvary’s congregational leadership talking about preparing for sabbatical. We’ve been trying hard here to prepare as carefully as we can, so that the twelve weeks ahead of us as a congregation will be spent as fruitfully and healthily as possible. At the meeting a guest facilitator told us that the word sabbatical comes from the word Sabbath, the weekly observance… Read More

I confess I groaned inwardly and probably outwardly too when I saw that my text for the sermon last Sunday would come from John chapter 15.  I think what really gets to me in this passage is Jesus’ phrase about choosing: “You did not choose me, but I chose you . . . .” How many times have I heard people talk about God choosing us in a way that is meant… Read More

Monday I graduated.  It was the end of a very long road.  My parents and sisters and friend Carol showed up to surprise me, and the festivities were out of control.  Maybe everybody else was as surprised as I was to finally see the end??!?  I do think now that I have enough education for awhile.  Amen. 

Oh Gracious and Loving God, you who have loved us with the all-encompassing love of a mother, we pause for a few moments today to look at our lives and note the many gifts of your love. For your creative genius that saw in each of us a spark of potential and divine possibility then lovingly nurtured us into life, we are so grateful. For your gentle care and loving guidance steering… Read More

Rev. Larry Weaver Mount Zion Baptist Church 5178 Nottely Dam Road Blairsville, GA. 30512 Dear Rev. Weaver, Recently the enclosed picture of a sign in front of your church was emailed to me by a neighbor of yours in Blairsville, Georgia. As your colleague in pastoral ministry I felt it was my professional duty to write and let you know that your sign is in error. I personally would hate for our… Read More

I recently wrote about the holy conversations that take place in my van.  They used to be things like, “Mommy, why did God make the flowers so colorful?” or “Look at that statue of Jesus!  It looks like he wants to hug the whole world!” My, how times have changed. Holy conversation of yesterday follows: Youngest Child:  Hey Mom, today I had my very first health class. Me: Oh?  Did you learn… Read More