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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Alright, alright, alright. Every time I open the mailbox and dive into holiday greetings from friends I have to work to push away the guilt because this will be the second year in a row that we have not mailed a Christmas letter. Or pictures of our adorable children. Or cards. We haven’t even sent cheery emails. Some of our friends don’t even know where we live. Pathetic. Last year we were… Read More

Beautiful new stoles and vestments graced the sanctuary thanks to talented sewing-machine operators in our congregation.  It was a beautiful Sunday to celebrate with my very excellent colleagues (l to r): Leah Grundset, Edgar Palacios, me, Eric Bebber.  What a team!

The weather outside today is absolutely frigid. Today’s cold spell follows a few weeks of steely gray skies and torrential rain, leaving everybody in the city soggy and cold, even when we’re inside and dry. We rush to and from Metro stations and parked cars, heads ducked down, bags clutched tightly to our chests, solitary figures rushing toward any kind of shelter we can find. It occurred to me the other day… Read More

Many have asked me to post a little reflection I shared on Sunday before our wonderful festival choir sang portions of Handel’s Messiah.  As we make our way through Advent at Calvary this year our theme is Lift Every Voice and Sing–each week we’ve been considering the songs of the nativity story, with Calvary members sharing special songs that have been important in their lives.  It was my turn Sunday; my reflection… Read More

I must thank all of you for your thoughtful comments and helpful advice in response to my recent post “Laughingstock,” in which I asked for your opinions about how to answer the request of The Daily Show to come profile Calvary. Since many of you have asked, I wanted to provide for you the rationale that finally led me to politely decline the request of one of the funniest shows on national… Read More

Recently we said goodbye to our friend and colleague, Amparo Palacios, who died November 14. Amparo was dear to many of us, who knew her as Pastor Edgar‘s wife . . . trusted friend . . . funniest person at the party . . . brave, courageous voice for justice. Today the Washington Post told the world what a gift her life was for more than just our faith community. In this… Read More

I’ve been thinking quite a bit this week about music. This may surprise those of you who know me well because while I seem to have a distant, curious appreciation for specific musical pieces (quite often related to specific events in my life, most spiritual), I am by no means a committed music fan, much to the frustration of my very deeply musical husband. I mean, I can read music. I took… Read More

Caution: reading this might make you want to throw up.  Me?  I feel much better now. Monday: no rest for the weary (why do Mondays come after Sundays?) . . . This is Sam’s (age 10) early day so we’re leaving the house at 7:25 . . . but there’s drama with the dog-sick, sick, sick-lots to clean up and no opening at the vet until noon. Mark stays home with said… Read More

Just when I think my job cannot get more weird, I get a phone call like the one I got this afternoon: from a very nice woman calling for The Daily Show.  They are doing a story, she said, about which church the Obamas might attend, and they want to come profile Calvary.  I thanked her for her interest in our fine congregation and told her I’d take her request to the… Read More

Thanks, Jourden, for your comment on my last post: But where do you find a church that’s both authentic and aggressively evangelistic? Churches that emphasize outreach are often consumer driven and liturgically impoverished. Ones that strive for authenticity tend to be lax at evangelism. Where do you go to church if you’re seeking both genuineness and passion for lost souls? If you’re both theologically conservative and broad minded? If you’re both pro-life… Read More