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Monthly Archives: October 2013

A Tax Collector Many Voices, One Story Luke 18:9-14 Some of you have heard me mention Arch books before.  Arch books are children’s books that tell bible stories, and their regular reading—first by grown-ups in my life and then on my own—were, though I didn’t know it then, the foundation of my ability to breeze through the required Introduction to the New Testament course in college. Among my favorite Arch books is… Read More

Today a bunch of folks from Calvary met at church to learn some more about the work of one of our partners, the Downtown Cluster of Congregations.  We’re in a group of downtown congregations that helps employ a social worker doing outreach in our neighborhood, helping homeless folk get the services they need.  To raise money for this effort we all participated in a scavenger hunt organized by our super awesome mission… Read More

A Leper Many Voices, One Story Luke 17:11-19 Our gospel lesson today is about a leper.  Ten lepers, to be exact. I’m aware that, for most of us, thinking about leprosy is kind of an intellectual engagement: we know leprosy is largely eradicated these days; we know that it’s called Hansen’s disease; we know that it’s not nearly as contagious as it was once thought to be…in fact, it’s unlikely that very… Read More

Today we had a pastoral conversation after worship.  Here’s what I said: Thanks for sticking around for just a minute.  I want to have a short pastoral conversation together.  As many of you know, Pastor Leah submitted her resignation to church leadership on Wednesday; I wanted to just give you a little background and share a few details about moving forward. Since before Pastor Leah left on family leave, we’d been talking… Read More

A Mustard Seed Many Voices, One Story Luke 15:5-10 This morning we begin the first of four weeks in worship with the October emphasis of stewardship.  In other words, this is the month we designate every year to focus in worship and in other places in our life together on our individual practices of discipleship. I can sort of hear you groaning inside a bit: oh no, here we go, talking about… Read More

Yesterday the federal government shut down.  While this is a national crisis, it’s also really personal here in D.C.  So many deeply gifted and hardworking government employees live and work in this city, and they depend on their paychecks just like everybody else.  This is hard and scary; many of us feel angry and powerless.  As we work to live with an eye toward a hope-filled future, the meantime can be hard…. Read More