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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Recently we talked about the Bible in church.  What I mean is that we’re revisiting some basics this summer and we recently explored the question: “What is the Bible?”.  In response to our discussion in worship a Calvary member sent an email asking for some tips on jumping back in to regular Bible study.  I remembered I have actually written a blog entry about this before, but since I got the email while… Read More

Calvary Unplugged: What Is Baptism? I love this time of the year, when everybody starts to trickle back in from summer adventures.  Welcome back, everyone.  We’re so glad you’re back. Today we continue our series, Calvary Unplugged, where we’ve moved out of the sanctuary and are doing something a little bit different than our usual worship routine.  It’s good, every once in awhile, to get a different perspective, to think about life… Read More

For seven years now, I have had the opportunity to meet with these wonderful colleagues to plan sermons and remember that I am not alone in the adventure of ministry.  I cannot put into any words that I know how grateful I am for all of them and how lucky I feel that they are in my life.

I just finished reading Bossypants—Tina Fey’s thoughts about life and a lot of other things.  I started out reading the book for sermon research—no, really—because we’re doing a series this coming Epiphany that involves improv comedy.  And I won’t ruin the excitement by telling you any more, so I guess you’ll have to come to church every week starting January 1…. Tina Fey, as you know, is extremely funny in a sharp-witted… Read More

It’s that time of year again and this time EVERYONE’S excited.  In a few days we’ll be leaving for Preacher Camp, the seventh year in a row of collaborative sermon planning with really incredible colleagues.  I’m proud to say that I was one of the founders of Preacher Camp (also known as Homipalooza) along with Jim Somerville (how smart was I???). Here’s how it happened. Jim (who was then pastor of First Baptist… Read More

Read an article I wrote for the Alban Institute’s Congregations magazine.

Calvary Unplugged: What Is the Bible? We’ve been making our way through a list of basic questions about our faith and practice around here lately…why?  Well, because it’s always good to revisit the things we assume everyone knows or thinks but probably most of us are wondering about.  This summer worship series, Calvary Unplugged, is giving us a unique opportunity to talk amongst ourselves in the context of worship, to revisit some… Read More

Calvary Unplugged: What Is Worship? There are 13 folks signed up to leave October 8th for our second Calvary trip to El Salvador. Just this past week, on Wednesday night, the group met to talk about making firm plans. Organizing the discussion was (are you surprised?) Carol Blythe, who was one of the participants on the last trip. Truthfully, Carol’s observations and advice were helpful, but I had to laugh as she… Read More