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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Can I Get A Witness? Luke 24:1-12  Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! In the small community of Swift Creek, South Carolina, it is an annual tradition for the entire town to show up at the cemetery very early on Easter morning for an Easter sunrise service.  While the rest of the year, the Presbyterians and Baptists and Episcopalians worship in their own church buildings across town from each other, every… Read More

My favorite post for Good Friday. Peace, all.

Full Circle, Palm Sunday Luke 19:28-40 Life has a funny way of coming full circle.  I thought about that this week when I read a story about Randall Henry, an artist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Henry was being interviewed for the opening of an art show in which fourteen of his paintings were on display.  The show is being held in the Kress Gallery, which was at one time the Kress Department… Read More

Number Your Days…Six Days Before John 12:1-8 Our Gospel passage today is kind of a strange one (again)–all about a spontaneous anointing.  I don’t know about you, but even with the kind of work I do, there’s not much call for anointing in my day to day life.  This story from the Gospel of John is hard to relate to our modern lives, isn’t it?  Still, as I was thinking about the… Read More

In the dormancy of Lent we can take our cue from fallow fields, lying vacant but not abandoned in order to become more fruitful.   In these forty days, we can ask to be emptied of our attachments to the past, which can make us brittle as Lot’s wife to our possessions, which can weigh us down like the rich young ruler to preference for head over heart, which can harden us… Read More

Number Your Days…A Few Days Later Luke 15:1-32 Today is the fourth Sunday of Lent, and as you recall, we’ve been making our way through the Gospel passages assigned by the lectionary each week, trying to answer their invitations to think deeply and carefully about how we spend our lives.  Each week’s Gospel passage has within it a reference to time, a reminder that our human lives are finite and that how… Read More

Number Your Days…One More Year Luke 13:1-9 Welcome to the third Sunday of Lent, when we are thinking about the very frail nature of our human lives, what gift and opportunity we’ve been given, and the responsibility we have to, as the Psalmist directs us in Psalm 90, “number our days”…to make them count!  The first week of Lent we talked about minding the distraction that permeates our living in this world—making… Read More