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Monthly Archives: June 2008

I’ve had several inquiries from folks wondering what I think about the motion referred to the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Board the second week of June to modify the SBC’s constitution to automatically disfellowship churches who have women as their Senior Pastors.  Well . . . let me share the history. In 2000, you might recall, the Baptist Faith and Message (closest thing to a statement of belief Southern Baptists have) was… Read More

Shane Claiborne, author of The Irresistible Revolution and now, Jesus for President, will speak at Calvary on June 27th.  Hope you might come to hear a radically freeing take on the Gospel message and meet some people bound and determined to live a different way.  Here’s more information.

Sometimes I wonder.  What version of reality was it, do you think, in which I had enough thought to carry through the impetus of applying to do doctoral work?   I’m celebrating the end of my last Doctor of Ministry class, which sounds really great until you consider that “end” also means “beginning”: final assignments for classes, requirements for that one last independent study, and, of course, that annoying little final project.Perhaps it… Read More