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Monthly Archives: December 2005

It seems like standing on the edge of a new year always makes me stop for a minute to celebrate the good things in the year gone by, but I also spend a lot of time thinking hard about what’s been missing in my life.I adapted this poem of Joyce Rupp’s to post my thoughts as I stand on the edge of this New Year. May 2006 be full of all of… Read More

A lot of people seem to think that by this time in my life I should have figured out the whole God thing. Answers for every question, you know?This is particularly true given my profession. So I figured it might not be a bad idea for me to revisit some of the basics as we enter a brand new year. First on my list to consider: Does God really exist?Recently, a friend… Read More

Wishing You PeaceThe Butlers 2005 (Isn’t this greeting beautiful?? To read more about the joy of creating it, click here.)

I noticed a few nights ago while at a holiday party that, once people find out what kind of job I have the first thing they ask is how I am surviving this week. Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, as you know, making regular Christmas Clergy Stress rather intensified (and, in case you’re wondering, no, we do not cancel church for Christmas, the holiday on which we celebrate the birth… Read More

I’ll admit I am not always the most appreciative recipient of my friends’ Christmas letters. I mean, I love hearing about their lives and seeing how much their kids have grown, but it just seems like everyone has the most delightful time writing about their most wonderful year and sending it to all their dearly beloved friends. And I feel that perhaps my life (wonderfully fabulous as it is mind you) just… Read More

If I don’t watch it my 7 year old Sammy is likely to start his own blog. Lately he has been spending a lot of time on the computer composing essays with titles like, “Quidditch” and “The Case of the Dragon”. His most recent composition is entitled “My Life in Second Grade”. Excuse me, but what kind of 7-year-old voluntarily sits down at the computer to write an essay called “My Life… Read More

It is freezing outside today, and I am not just saying that because I grew up in Hawaii. Even though the sun is out the wind is rather cutting; it makes the 40 degrees outside seem just a little cooler than 40 degrees. Thank goodness there’s a whole lot of warmth, goodwill and charity floating around; they help with the temperature. Those and the cute purple chenille gloves my colleague John Mein… Read More

I am going to write a book someday. I’m sure of it. I’ve already assembled quite a few topics I’ve filed away, things I know I have profound thoughts about somewhere . . . if only I could find them. It was suggested to me today by a church member that I entitle my yet-to-be-written book Real Preachers Wear Stilettos. Boy does that tell you something about the sort of people who… Read More

Here’s a riddle for you: how do you pastor a church and remain sane?If you know the answer, please comment below. Or write a book. Soon.One of the ways I know I have managed so far has been the incredible staff members who share my workload. In a critical position at Calvary right now as we move into our newly renovated space is church administrator, Paul Rosstead. Paul came to Calvary’s staff… Read More

Today was a beautiful day for a neighbor, as Mr. Rogers would sing, and Calvary Baptist Church has some of the finest neighbors around.Calvary is located in the most incredible neighborhood. The Penn Quarter/Chinatown neighborhood is undergoing revitalization and as a result the church, which has been here for all the ups and downs since, oh, about the time Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, is gaining some wonderful new residents, all of them… Read More