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Monthly Archives: September 2009

I hate to say out loud that I officially feel I’ve had a run of bad luck lately, but at the moment I am lacking the appropriate theological words to describe my life.  Case in point: this week was my first full week back at the office after a three-month sabbatical.  To begin the week I had the privilege of responding to the invitation of Montgomery County to spend Monday languishing in… Read More

I haven’t been writing for awhile, and this week I am back at work after three months on sabbatical, so I am thinking my first post should probably be something deep and profound, spiritually hard-hitting and theologically thought-provoking. Alas, there was a mouse in my office this morning, and ever since its squeak-filled, untimely death at the hands of our Church Administrator, Paul, I just have not been able to concentrate on… Read More