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Monthly Archives: February 2011

I’ve always maintained that the most compelling reason to plan and write sermons using the Revised Common Lectionary is to successfully avoid an unfortunate shift of the pulpit from a point of potential Gospel proclamation to an uncovered window into whatever happens to be on the preacher’s mind at the moment.  As you know, that kind of shift can be very scary (and scarier in some situations than others depending on who… Read More

Who Do You Love? Matthew 6:19-34 My little brother, who was actually little when I was 11 and he was first born but isn’t so little anymore, is one of those guys who intentionally lives his life care-free and unfettered.  At age 30, he is not married; he has no children.  Though he’s very well-educated he doesn’t go in for the boring old traditional rat race the rest of us run day… Read More

Redefining Blessed January 16, 2011 Matthew 5:1–12 I know that 3-D movies are the latest rage, but I am hoping somehow that rage passes soon.  I think I might be too old for this new-fangled sort of thing.  My problem seems to be that watching anything in 3-D makes me feel sick—as in, motion sick.  Not enjoyable at all.  I keep thinking that’s ridiculous…everybody loves 3-D movies, but every time I watch… Read More