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Monthly Archives: March 2009

I go to yoga because it is a place where I can be anonymous . . . put aside all things churchy, pursue the art of emptying my mind. In other words, yoga has been in the past one place where I can at least pretend to be normal. Not the pastor, not the one who no one can swear in front of, not the one to whom you direct obscure questions… Read More

It was just the other day when I began to suspect that things had gotten out of control around here. I was merely minding my own business, trying, in fact, to be unusually kind to my colleagues by bringing a box of donuts to work to share. (I think that donuts generally make everybody in the whole world happy, but they are particularly glee-inducing on Fridays and I happen to know that… Read More

From time to time I’ve been musing here about the phenomenon that seems to be more and more common these days: people are giving up on the church.  I sometimes think that people are surprised to know that I understand why so many do.  After all, who needs another institution, more bureaucracy, another set of requirements?  Everday life offers plenty of that, as anyone who has recently been to the DMV will… Read More

I really . . . honestly . . . did not give much thought to the opinions of my children (who actually were future children at the time) when I decided I was hearing God call me to be a pastor. It has only been recently, actually, that I’ve pondered-often-the effect my profession has or will have on my kids. I think about this particularly with reference to the individual, personal faiths… Read More

We’ve been waiting for the day when our niece and nephew (and cousins!) Jeremy and Marissa’s adoption would become finally, finally final, and today is the day!  We already know that a family can come to be in many different ways; thanks be to God for the grace-filled intersections of our lives.  We love you Anna, Mark, Marissa and Jeremy.