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Monthly Archives: June 2010

As previously established practically every single time I blog about my job, there are a few things that I did not learn in seminary.  Among the many, one is the skills I need for various alternative ministry situations, including but not limited to the delivery room, for example.  One of those ministry situations which has arisen repeatedly in my work and which has become a lively avocation of mine is the fashion… Read More

I have resorted to wandering the halls of the church begging people for blog entry ideas.  So desperate was I today that I asked a church member who shall not be named for a suggestion and she thoughtfully (and immediately) suggested the topic “cousin couples.”  Don’t worry if you have no idea what a cousin couple is—I didn’t either, though I suspected, as I am sure do you, that it is exactly… Read More

My plan for today’s blog entry was to do some fancy link sort of thing so that all of you could hear a podcast from the Taizé Community that I found especially moving. See, I subscribe the regular podcasts from Taizé, but I am not the most savvy ipod user, so I didn’t realize that once I listen to a podcast it goes away.  I think.  Anyway, I can’t find it, and… Read More

Call me a cheater, I don’t care.  It’s a day of rest, so I’m putting up my sermon of this morning.  I wrote the sermon, so I think it counts for this writing project, and we’re working on getting sermons up on the Calvary blog regularly anyway, so we’ll try it here: A Mysterious Kingdom Mark 4:26-29 I’m dying of curiosity, as is the rest of the pastoral staff, to know how… Read More

I left the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship meeting in Charlotte convinced, if I wasn’t before, that I don’t really fit the typical mold of Baptist pastor. For one thing, the questions I got most frequently were not questions about my work or my views on the future of the church or the state of things at Calvary.  Oh, no, most folks had questions about my hairstyle and my glasses, confirming my suspicions that… Read More

Sometimes the sun shines and people smile and flowers lean toward the sun . . . soft breezes carry the scent of jasmine and the faint echoes of music remind you that somebody not too far away from where you are right this minute is reveling in the slow pace of summer. Sometimes all of that and more swirls around you and you suspect you should be smiling along with everyone else,… Read More

I will not wait until 11:30 tonight to blog. I don’t care if I have absolutely nothing to say. I don’t care if I have pretty much convinced myself it would be more prudent to live the day looking for riveting topics about which to write. After all, this exercise—blogging every day—is a matter of discipline—you know, writing for the sake of writing.  And, anyway, surely there is some deep kernel of… Read More

Disclaimer: this post isn’t really about the Bible. It’s actually about a meeting I attended today, the Pastors and Scholars Studio, and a book I am currently reading: Tracy Chevalier’s Remarkable Creatures.  It could be that there is, in fact, a connection between the two.  It could also be that it’s Day 14 of my crazy attempt to blog for 30 days straight, and I am rather scraping the bottom of the… Read More

And . . . it starts. I am in Charlotte, NC this week for the General Assembly of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship—a really big meeting of Baptists that happens once a year.  As you might imagine with a Baptist convention in town, Charlotte is currently seeing quite a bit of raucous partying, trash in the streets, and scantily clad women. Just kidding . . . geez! I came a few days early… Read More

If you happen to have seen me driving around in my van laughing to myself the reason (lately, anyway) is not my compromised mental state, though that would be a very good guess. No, I’ve been listening to Liberty, Garrison Keillor’s latest Lake Wobegon novel, which chronicles the trials and tribulations of Clive Bunson, head of the Lake Wobegon Fourth of July committee, as he tries to lead the committee in the… Read More