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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Our children reminded us during the children’s sermon today. 

The Value of People Matthew 5:21-31 For the last five weeks we’ve been talking in worship about the different values of our congregation, what it is we’re doing here these days at Calvary Baptist Church.  We try to do some version of that at the beginning of each year, because the lectionary—the three year cycle of passages that a large part of the Christian world reads all together each week—takes us during… Read More

The Value of Practice Matthew 5:13-20 A letter, to you: “Calvary is the place where I learned I could be Baptist again. A place that taught me there was an expression of my faith tradition and denomination where I was able to worship authentically. It is a group of people who connected me to tough questions which deepened my faith and experience of community. From a personal development standpoint, it was the… Read More

The Value of Prophecy Matthew 5:1-12 We continue this morning our series on the Identity, Values, and Mission of our congregation.  Around here we usually like to take a few weeks at the beginning of the year to think about who we are together, what it means to be part of this community of faith, and what we’re here to do.  It seems like a good way to start off the year—thinking… Read More