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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Truth About Leadership: Think Outside the Box 1 Samuel 15:34-16:13 I was talking with one of our new members, Jeff Wilson, just the other day about his job.  Jeff works in the schools in PG county with kids who need a little more individualized guidance than a large classroom can provide.  Jeff is a chess teacher, so he’s always coming up with new ways to help the kids learn an idea… Read More

Well, I can tell you that a whole weekend of celebration is hard when you’re as old as 150.  Or 42, for that matter. This past weekend Calvary celebrated 150 years here on the corner of H and 8th Streets, NW.  One concert, one fancy dinner, and one huge worship service later, the church staff limped their way into church on Monday morning feeling like they’d completed a marathon.  Just barely. Some… Read More

Writing a History John 3:1-17 150th Anniversary Today we bring to a close the year-long celebration of 150 years of Calvary Baptist Church! It has been a year full of wonderful experiences and of celebrating the legacy of this church and the joy of our life together. It will never happen again. Never again will we celebrate 150 years, and so, it’s right that we gather for the worship of God to… Read More