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Monthly Archives: October 2008

My friend Jim always says it’s through the cracks that the light shines the brightest. You know, it’s through the cracked and imperfect, even falling-apart places of our lives where we are finally vulnerable enough to see the light of Christ tenaciously working its way straight through the parts that are broken to make the most beautiful kaleidoscope of God’s imprint right there in the middle of the chaos . . . ? I’ve been… Read More

My colleague Leah shared the following with me, as we’ve been discussing around the office if pastors should have clothing allowances like vice presidential candidates.  We are generally in favor.  So, for more reading on the subject, I now share the following, about which, I feel, no extraneous commentary is necessary.  Enjoy! Dressed for Service: A Message from Dorothy Patterson September 30, 2008 Dear Graduates: How excited the President and I are… Read More

I found myself at the hospital again the other day, which is not so unusual given my line of work. (Lately I seem to be hanging out in those endless, nondescript hallways a little too much. I’m sure the folks I’m visiting feel the same way but, let’s face it, I get to go home while they have to stay so maybe I should just let it go . . . .) I know,… Read More

Turns out that my very own offspring, who has a tendency to do everything exactly like the idol he currently adores–his father–might also be just a little like me.  He loves to write, so this fifth grade assignment–to spend the weekend writing a story about someone who overcame a hardship–felt like playtime to him.  That’s my boy! (Reprinted here with no edits by permission.) Overcoming the Local Boys By Samuel Butler Hi… Read More

Somehow I came to know about a poet called Gypsee Yo, who lives in Atlanta.  I saw a YouTube video of her performing a poem and then read some of her poetry.  This one made me cry: Sand Castles by Gypsee Yo my happiness is a sore arm where my daughter’s head rests easy I’m her favorite pillow and blanket too They say that every desert was once an ocean that someone… Read More

This is the last of our Telling Stories series in worship.  It has been a fun and wild ride, with everyone participating.  In this final piece of art in the collection, Caroline made a book sculpture–totally cool.  All of the art is now on display in the library, and we plan a showing of the whole collection in a few weeks.  If you’re in town, stop by and see it in person!

I am a little behind on posting art from our series Telling Stories.  Two weeks ago we told the story of God’s provision of manna for the Hebrews in the wilderness.  The art was primarily performance art, aided by the children of the church and the gathering baskets Caroline folded out of the homeless newspaper, Street Sense.  The children gathered the “manna” that was spread all over the sanctuary–but just enough for the… Read More