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Monthly Archives: February 2008

As one who does not own an ipod I am in the minority in my family (and, it seems, in the world). It’s not that I have a moral objection to ipods, it’s just-it seems overwhelming to me, this choosing of a personal soundtrack. Maybe that sounds ridiculous but it’s true: I watched dear friends Kevin and Elizabeth Hagan make an exhaustive list of music for their wedding, after all, and all… Read More

Witness my excellent birthday present from a colleague:

Yorkie Puppy—$350, male/female, 12 weeks yrs old, 202-347-8355 Price: $350 Date Listed: Feb 14 2008 Category: Dogs Breed: Yorkshire Terrier Sex: Female, Male Age: Baby Yorkie Puppy—$350, male/female, 12 weeks yrs old, 202-347-8355 Classified ad from the Washington Post Express today.  Great, if you want a Yorkie puppy.  Not so great if you list the phone number of Calvary Baptist Church.  Nevertheless, we’ve developed a brilliant outreach strategy.  Colleague Mary suggested everyone… Read More

It seems a little strange that a small pile of dirt gives me such comfort, but it happens to me every single year.  Since we Baptists don’t generally do the Ash Wednesday thing the experience of the ashes is pretty new for me. Because of my historical unfamiliarity with the rite, every year it seems that some kind of logistical hilarity ensues. (I’ve never had an experience quite like my colleague Elizabeth’s,… Read More

Calvary showed the documentary film For the Bible Tells Me So last Sunday afternoon.  We’d done quite a bit of publicity about the film but even we were shocked when 250 people showed up for the film and subsequent panel discussion.  Originally we thought we’d show the film to our deacons as part of an ongoing conversation in our community of faith, a continuing discernment of how God’s Spirit is working in… Read More

It was his sermon title but, I have to tell you, I got complaints later after I got back to church. “I was so excited! A 15-word sermon! We’re sure to be out of there early.” Well, if they had shared that expectation with me ahead of time I would have told them that I’ve never heard Jim Somerville contain himself to 15 words under any circumstances . . . . Sunday… Read More