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Monthly Archives: November 2007

We have a budding artist in our house. Don’t ask me what genetic mutation occurred for me and Mark to produce a child as artistically gifted as Hayden; he keeps surprising us with the stuff he produces. Although he has been pursuing his drawing habit for some time now, only recently has he been pushed out of his comfort zone (charcoal pencil and paper) into other forms of expression (collage, pastels, markers,… Read More

I should have known our lives were destined to intersect again.  It was right on 9th Avenue, I think, one evening when I happened to be in New York City standing in line for a Broadway show.  Up pulled a limousine and out jumped the Rev. Al Sharpton.  I recognized him, of course (by his limousine) but I should have known it was a sign.  It was a sign of . …. Read More

Riding in the car yesterday my eldest (age 13) began an impassioned case for a family visit to his grandparents’ next spring.  I’d like to go, too, I explained, but traveling to Hawaii is expensive and if we do it we should do it for more than a few days.  There are no chunks of time we all have free in the Spring, I said. “What about Spring Break?,” he asked. Well,… Read More

I used to spend a lot of time gardening. You have to spend a lot of time, when you live in New Orleans, because if you don’t tame the yard well, the yard will try to tame you. Here in the Northeast, the change of season helps a little with the task of keeping things in line; just when the weeds seem to be overwhelming the first freeze slows everything down. But… Read More

New camera . . . cute kids.  I had to share.

It could be that we sang it Sunday. But, confession: holy as I am, I usually am not humming the tunes to Sunday’s hymns on Wednesday. Turns out, humming “For All the Saints” today was just because it was meant to be the soundtrack of the day. I first suspected this when I learned that a friend who has been a member of Calvary since the 1930s (!) had been rushed to… Read More

It was Paul who talked about this human life as “seeing through a glass darkly.” That metaphor has always been a powerful one for me, but lately I’ve been cursing the darkness a lot more than lighting a candle, if you know what I mean.  It’s common at Calvary to deal with the homeless population–as it is for any downtown church–but lately we’ve been struggling with a situation in which the person… Read More