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I was going to write 30 things I learned from blogging for 30 days but that was just too ridiculous; I’m done with the whole 30 Day shtick for awhile.  So, I am going to attempt to reflect here on some of the (many, though maybe not 30) lessons I learned from my recent experiment of writing something—anything—for 30 straight days on my blog. A little review: I took on the 30… Read More

It’s Day 30, which I knew would come whether I blogged 30 times or not, but I am feeling pretty good to be here with 30 entries (some of questionable quality, but still . . . ) registered on the blog.  It feels like running around the bases and finally getting to home, which is a weird metaphor for me to be imaging, since playing sports that involve bases is not in… Read More

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s past midnight.  I know.  Here’s my entry for today, uh, yesterday:  I’ve been thinking all day long about “Holy Trouble Makers,” our theme for our next sermon series on the prophetic texts in the lectionary.  Strangely enough, I am not thinking about this because I am so very holy and all I can think about in my free time is the Bible . . . .  No, my… Read More

I am not among those people who really loved high school.  Honestly, I couldn’t wait to get out of high school and on to whatever grand adventures awaited me beyond the oppressive social constructs of adolescence and (mostly) the confines of my parents’ house. So I was very surprised a few years ago when 20 years since high school graduation rolled around and I started getting emails about a reunion.  I couldn’t… Read More

I woke up this morning in a panic, realizing with a sinking feeling that I totally and completely forgot to blog yesterday.  Forgot.  This is probably a side-effect of the last few days of an insanely busy schedule, but I’ll allow that it could be a sign of early dementia.  I also think it could very well be the fact that the weather outside is incredibly hot—roasting—and it’s likely essential portions of… Read More

Kingdom Parables: A Stable Kingdom Matthew 7:24-29   We’re back to the Gospel of Matthew this week as we round up four weeks in a row where we’ve been talking about the crazy idea Jesus liked to call the kingdom of God.  Today’s passage will be familiar to you if you ever attended Bible School (especially last week at Calvary!), because there’s a very interactive song about this little passage. This passage… Read More

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!  It’s a beautiful day here in the nation’s capital, and spirits are high.  Many folks I’ve talked with are headed down to the Mall to watch the fireworks and celebrate with the masses of people who will do the same.  I myself am too old for such revelry (and too lazy to fight the crowds) so my celebration will happen right here on the roof.  Regardless of… Read More

My activities today included (but were not limited to): taking a long walk to the hardware store and the farmer’s market; arranging several vases of gorgeous flowers I got for really, really cheap at the farmer’s market; priming the bathroom with the help of my cousin Kevin (see yesterday’s post); cooking lunch; trying to get my phone fixed, AGAIN; finishing the sermon; building a shelf; PAINTING the aforementioned bathroom; moving the last… Read More

Do I look 20 years younger than my cousin Kevin?  The people sitting next to us around the reflecting pool thought so.  Kevin overheard her telling her husband that his (Kevin’s) NIECE was the pastor of the church up the street.  Poor Kevin, who is only 4 years older than I am, could not get over this slight.  It practically ruined his evening.  And what a nice evening it was! . …. Read More

So, last night I went out to dinner with three friends.  We went to Tiffin, this totally amazing Indian restaurant in Langley Park where you might die from joy if you eat the bathura.  Seriously. After much discussion we decided we would order three dishes and share them, along with some samosas, some naan, and some bathura (of course).  The waiter came to our table—a very nice young Indian man—and asked to… Read More