Just Shy of Resurrection

Yesterday I had the incredible opportunity to offer the opening prayer at the White House Easter Prayer Breakfast.  

Loving and gracious God, we come here today with gratitude for your way of love, a love that death could not destroy and a tomb could not contain.  With that acknowledgment, we also confess that we struggle with the brokenness of our world and the responsibilities we bear.

988515_10153213774816798_7132576927542447175_nYou came to proclaim Good News to the poor, but too many of your children go sleep with empty stomachs on cold streets.  You came to give sight to the blind, but time and again we fail to see you in the faces of our neighbors.

We are Easter people, but so often we live in the reality of crucifixion, just shy of resurrection.  Grant us the wisdom, courage, and strength to live as resurrection people, not conformed to the realities of this world, but determined to transform it as agents of your justice, healing, and love.

In the name of the risen Christ I pray, Amen.

10 Comments on “Just Shy of Resurrection

  1. Great prayer and indeed tremendous opportunity. Congratulations, Dr. Amy Butler.

    • Dear Dr. Butler.

      Congratulations! What an honor. Great prayer.

  2. What a powerful prayer, delivered in the center of the pubic sphere in these United States. God says God’s word will not return to God void!! Be blessed as you are blessing others!!

  3. Oh my goodness, Amy, how wonderful your prayer is!! You have such a beautiful gift of sparking from your heart. And what a wonderful opportunity 🙂 Thank you for being such a beautiful example of a caring, loving, godly woman and servant of God. I truly miss everything about you😊.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity indeed, and you used it to speak a prophetic word – of course you would! Let ALL with ears to hear, listen up!

  5. Dear Amy,

    I want you to know that I truly appreciate your writing and words of faith. I am co-chair of our Worship committee at the First United Methodist Church in Santa Barbara, Ca. A group of us here follow you (not all Methodists) and I often share your sermons with our pastor. I was very taken with the cover of your Order of Worship for Easter Services this past weekend. Was it designed “in house” or did it come from a worship service catalog? I’d love to know. Meanwhile, I will read and share your weekly messages.


    Julie Hayward Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Julie; this is a picture of the labyrinth in the chancel of The Riverside Church. If you email our communications staff I am sure they would be happy to share a graphics file. Best!

  6. A beautiful prayer for a nation desperately in need of healing…thank you!

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