Resolution Fatigue

Here’s a little poem for those of us suffering from New Year’s Resolution Fatigue (I just invented that disorder).  It’s from an amazing little book called God Got a Dog, written by Cynthia Rylant with illustrations like the one below, by Marla Franzee.

God took a bath
With Her clothes on.
Her robe, to be specific

God Took a Bath

Why did She do this?
She was shy,
that’s why.
A little self-conscious
about Her body.
God wasn’t always
this way.
She used to be free as a bird,
running stark naked
She never thought
about bodies at all.
Then these things
started coming back to Her:
The whole misunderstanding
with Adam and Eve.
Then circumcision.
Then talk talk talk
of everybody being made
in Her image.
Until She got afraid
to look in a mirror.
Everybody had such
high expectations
and now She was
a little insecure.
Could be She was flabby.
Love handles on God
would have to he HUGE.
So She kept her robe on.

2 Comments on “Resolution Fatigue

  1. I bought this book as a gift for a little girl…I loved it so much I kept it and bought another..and then another.

  2. Loved this book so much I kept the copy I had bought as a gift and went out and bought two more.

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