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Monthly Archives: August 2010

It was an easy flight to Paris, and I will be proud for a very long time that we brought two carry ons with us.  That’s it.  Four people, 10 days in France, 2 carry ons.  I might even put that on my resume. Anyway, our friend Alexis picked us up and we drove for three hours south of Paris into the Loire valley, where Alexis’ family owns a chateaux called St…. Read More

So, I was sitting here at the computer frantically working through my to-do list.  You see I have so much to get done for work, on this, MY FIRST MORNING OF VACATION.  The kids and I leave tonight for ten days in Paris, and, as you know, the whole world might fall apart in my absence . . . ! As I was working, writing my newsletter column and sending off a… Read More

Hosea: A Holy Trouble Maker Hosea 11:1-11 Today we’re reading Hosea again, a prophet who takes bringing a personal approach to the work of ministry . . . to a whole new level. Last week we learned about Hosea’s family life, his marriage to Gomer, and Hosea’s deep pain over Gomer’s infidelity. Hosea used his own experience to talk to the people of the northern kingdom of Israel about the feelings God… Read More