Just when I think my job cannot get more weird, I get a phone call like the one I got this afternoon: from a very nice woman calling for The Daily Show

They are doing a story, she said, about which church the Obamas might attend, and they want to come profile Calvary.  I thanked her for her interest in our fine congregation and told her I’d take her request to the powers that be around here. 

The Church Council is now carefully considering Jon Stewart’s kind invitation for his show to make us all the laughingstock of America.  In the meantime, here’s a chance for you to vote–with which of our esteemed Council members do you agree . . . or do you have even more wisdom to offer?

Church work . . . gotta love it.

13 Comments on “Laughingstock

  1. Go for it! The only ones who look bad on the Daily Show are the ones who don’t get it’s a joke. My family and I love nothing more than the people who go on the Daily Show playing along with the joke.

  2. Love that nifty polling machine! Wow. It was so much fun I voted twice…

  3. trepidation should be the order of the day if you do this. Just watch lots of clips of other religious leaders on there. I love TDS, but they have a tendency to like making believers look like buffoons (and sometimes, i hate to say, it ain’t too hard to do!!!) You have several church members (one comes to mind- his initials are “JT”) who would have some good thoughts on this as well (and I am sure you have sought their counsel already). True, there’s no such thing as bad press, but sometimes TV and the spotlight have a tendency to get people to come off as being somewhat less dignified or intelligent than they truly are. I would hate for you or for the people of Calvary to be presented in a way that would make you all sound like something that you are not.


    Tim Black

  4. Again, no such thing as bad publicity! So what if it is funny? It is suppose to be funny! You can’t buy media time like that- I say let’s do it!

  5. I’m 22 and surely biased, but I think it would be awesome. Besides, you clearly have a sense of humor. The people who get themselves in trouble are those who don’t seem to realize that it’s a comedy show.

  6. The Obamas have been in Washington for several years now. Don’t they already attend a church in DC?

    My rule of thumb about such things is “When in doubt, don’t.” If there is any chance it can hurt the church’s reputation or the cause of Christ, better not participate. Besides, I don’t think the Obamas will decide where to go to church based on a TV talk show!

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