Speaking of Needing New Clothes . . .

My colleague Leah shared the following with me, as we’ve been discussing around the office if pastors should have clothing allowances like vice presidential candidates.  We are generally in favor.  So, for more reading on the subject, I now share the following, about which, I feel, no extraneous commentary is necessary.  Enjoy!

Dressed for Service: A Message from Dorothy Patterson

September 30, 2008

Dear Graduates:

How excited the President and I are to be a part of this last semester of your work for a hard-earned degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary! We encourage you to remain faithful and commit yourself to the very best semester ever! I am writing to let you know about a program very special to me.

Through our faithful members of Women’s Auxiliary, we have underwritten a program that enables us to provide for selected women students and student wives a new “head-to-toe” outfit for graduation and for going out to new assignments throughout the nation and even to the ends of the earth. These outfits are selected for Sunday worship and other celebratory services. This is not a monetary award but a mentoring experience. After sacrificing personal needs throughout the years of study, student wives and women students come to completely understand the true meaning of “I don’t have a thing to wear!” Shopping days are set, and members of our Women’s Auxiliary, under the direction of Mrs. Karen Collett, will accompany those selected for this honor on a wonderful shopping trip.

If you would like to nominate your wife or if you are a single woman student who would like to request consideration for this very special opportunity, please direct your nominations or applications to the office of Mrs. Karen Collett. Our committee will consider every request, and you will be notified accordingly. The women selected will be asked to be present for taking pictures and also for modeling their outfits at our President’s Club fall event.

Attached is the application which includes detailed instructions. May God bless you as you complete the course!


Dorothy Kelley Patterson, First Lady

7 Comments on “Speaking of Needing New Clothes . . .

  1. (what about the married female students? or is such a thing unheard of at SBTS?)

  2. PLEASE tell me the woman in the photo is not in charge of picking out the clothes!!!!!

  3. I’m completely in favor of a clothing allowance, but what I’d really like is a valet who would lay out my clothes and shine my shoes before church on Sunday. Do you think Dorothy Patterson would spring for that?

    Amy: check out my post called “Gender Confusion.” I think you will appreciate it.

  4. Of course all those places she’s referencing as “the ends of the Earth” are only the ends of the Earth when you consider yourself the Center of the Universe. 😉

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