Chubby Bunny

There has, perhaps, not been a weekend in recent memory when it rained so hard for so long at such a continuous pace.  It would stand to reason, then, that this weekend would be the weekend our family chose to go camping. 

My last experience camping in a tent (which was 17 years ago to be exact) caused such trauma that I can still remember exactly how miserable I was.  Thank goodness that experience still looms large in my memory, otherwise I might have given in and agreed that we did not need to rent a cabin–that sleeping in a tent sounded like “A LOT OF FUN.”

Despite the rain, we did manage a little bit of camping fun including a very gross round of Chubby Bunny, in which players attempted to stuff their mouths as full of marshmallows as they could while still articulating: “Chubby Bunny!”  Witness Hayden and Hannah playing Chubby Bunny with our friend Courtney . . . I took the pictures.

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