I gave up the dream of my children bragging about me on the playground long ago.

When I decided to go to seminary I already knew what it felt like when your parent is the preacher because when I was in high school I was a friend of the pastor’s daughter. 

She would beg us to please NEVER mention in public what her Dad did for a living. 

Like, she cried about his job. 

I never could quite understand this, since I thought his job was the coolest job ever, but her vehement protestations stuck with me.

When I decided myself to become a pastor, I confronted and accepted the cold, hard truth: my children would never think what I did for a living was cool.  (Of course, now that I am the mother of a 14 year old I can clearly see that nothing in my sphere of influence, including my job, is in the remotest realm of coolness.)

I have already grieved this loss.  (Jesus matters more.)  Which explains why I was shocked . . . floored . . . flabbergasted! . . . to hear Samuel Butler, age 9, officially inviting me to be a speaker on June 9 at career day at Oak View Elementary School.  It would be very cool, he explained, if I could come to his class and explain what it’s like to be a pastor.

What joy!  Not only does my kid want me at school with him, he also must have some deep abiding well of spiritual maturity that I somehow happened to miss before now.  He’s proud of his church!  He thinks professional ministry is cool!  Maybe he’ll be a pastor, too . . . !

I expressed my pleasure and surprise and told him I’d be delighted to speak at career day.  And just because I wanted to hear that spiritual depth out loud I asked him why he invited me.

“Well,” he said, “I just thought it would be interesting for the class to learn something new.  The thing is, nobody in my class even knows what a preacher is.”

8 Comments on “PK

  1. I think pastors are cool…of course, that’s coming from someone who’s known and befriended several pastors in thier lifetime, and is currently attending seminary in order to become a pastor. 🙂

  2. Amy –

    Been thinking of you for the last several weeks as we have been absorbing the shock of Steven’s departure — and it called to mine your departure. Can’t wait to see you this summer.

    You know that no kid past the age of say 7 or 8 thinks their parent’s occupation is cool although being a PK must have some big social pressures. I recently read though that the goal of parents should be to raise their kids so that one day those kids realize the reason why their parents are so utterly boring and uncool is because they gave up all the cool things to keep their kids fed, sheltered, clothed and educated. So hang in. Besides I agree with Amanda…. Sam didn’t ask Mark!

    Love – Jennifer G

  3. This is a fabulously funny story. I can relate both to your kids and to you. I was a PK and wanted to do ANYTHING but be a pastor. Now I am one…. 🙂

  4. We pray God’s grace upon you and yours. We are excited to see how Spirit will move for all of us at your new church home.

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