House Beautiful

My colleague Paul has been on my case more than usual lately because I’ve fallen down on the job of keeping everyone up to date on the progress of our new house.  In my defense, we just moved in three weeks ago, and when I say “moved in” I mean that we now sleep here.  There are many, many boxes still to be unpacked.

In the middle of all the chaos, however, our amazing architects wanted to take some professional photographs of the space for submission to some magazines and contests or whatever it is architects do.  I’ll admit, I was slightly dubious as our architects had not seen the space with our things in it.  Reassured, however, that there was nothing to worry about, we agreed and they showed up Saturday morning.  With a moving truck.

All of our furniture went out into the hallway and none of what you see here (except the cello, the rug and one piece of art) belongs to us.  Which is kind of insulting but mostly funny.  Most of the art you see in these was done by our upstairs neighbors Brian Hewitt and Steve Hanks, as our new home is in an artist live/work community.  So far my generous offer to house their art on my walls (out of the kindness of my heart, of course) has not been successful.

Alas, I now know exactly how Cinderella felt a midnight, because after it was all over the art went back, the furniture left and all of our boxes migrated back into our space.  I’m left now trying to recreate something like what you see here . . . but I do still have a bowl of really shiny green apples on the table.  Stylish, I know.

Come visit!

Dining Room 2

Living Room 2


Living Room


master bedroom



Dining Room

5 Comments on “House Beautiful

  1. So amazing! I have to come and visit your new space. Maybe I can make some art for you. I came up with an idea yesterday for some work for John Taylor’s new space. Maybe it could be a combined effort.

  2. Wow! It really looks amazing! It looks awesome with your stuff in there, too. It’s a great house. Congrats!

  3. oh my goodness! it is so gorgeous! i can’t wait to hear the cello in person!

  4. Looks really good, Amy, but when are they going to finish the ceiling?

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