Thoughts on Christian Radio

Written 3/05/07 and representative only of my own opinions, remember. I have many wonderful people in my life who listen to Christian radio! My intent is not to be disrepectful . . . just to share my opinion . . . .

You know how I feel about contemporary Christian music . . . and if you don’t, let’s just say that in general my opinion is not overly enthusiastic.

The truth of the matter is, however, that I am not that much of a black and white kind of person . . . . I don’t hate all contemporary Christian music no matter what. In fact, I do own a couple of Nicole Nordeman CDs, and you know I love Sara Groves. But, if I may make such a distinction, Nicole and Sara are a far, far cry from Jesus Is My Boyfriend Music . . . and Christian radio.

There are three very nice young men in my house today painting the walls of the dining room (long list of to-dos and all that). They are really, really nice guys and seem to be doing a fabulous job (and while my definition of “fabulous” is, admittedly, “not done by me” it all looks pretty nice to me).

The problem is (and I am aware that on the spectrum of life problems this one would not be all that severe): they like to listen to Christian radio while they work.

Which means I, too, have had the opportunity to listen to Christian radio today. And it’s really, really loud.

Alas, it has been about 5 hours and so far no Nicole Nordeman or Sara Groves. A lot of “hallelujahs”, “praise the father aboves”, “God is goods” and “I can only imagines”, though, and I have to say I think I can understand why Christians get a bad rap from society at large. The music is terrible; the lyrics are often ridiculous; and the commercials . . .

well, let’s just say this morning was sponsored by Linda, who called in to thank her husband Ralph for “being a man of God.” I just spent the last 30 minutes trying to imagine what an unchurched person completely unfamiliar with Christianity would think about such a commercial. So far I have not come up with anything positive.

I have to remember, we all have differing tastes and I know, for some people, this is just what they like to hear.

I am, also, willing to put up with quite a lot for a beautiful, newly painted dining room.

However, if this goes on too much longer I don’t think I can be held responsible for my actions. To stave off unwanted reactionary behavior (Amy going crazy) I have now closed all the doors to the office, where I am working, and successfully located a pair of ear plugs which I am now wearing.

Hopefully this solution will help.

Hopefully the dining room will be repainted very soon.

Hopefully the station will play some Sara Groves.

All I know is, if I hear “WGTS 91.9! Always positive and always encouraging!” one more time . . . well, you can only imagine.

6 Comments on “Thoughts on Christian Radio

  1. Hi Amy

    Aman Sister Amy. I will hear some of the music… But yes I can’t set of and hour or more of some of the music. And Loud. WoW!! Thank be to God for Calvary and First Baptist choir. We’ll mybe that way I’m in the choir. 🙂

    We’ll the Washington Youth choir I like as well.

    I want you to have a good day. I didn’t get long winded on this one. Thank you for doing comunion on Sunday. It was a big help on ower half. That your back with the Calvary family. THANKS

    You’r Friend

  2. AMEN! I had to sing a song that bordered being a “JEMB” song yesterday in church. I got good feedback from the congregation, but my wife- the ever honest critic that she is- said “It was pretty, but it sounded kind of Contemporary Christian.” My Rector asked me to start a “Folk Ensemble” for our first Sunday services last year, and my reply to him was, “OK, but I will NEVER, and I mean NEVER, be a part of a “Praise Band.” We stick to a lot of world music and songs out of a wonderful hymnal the ECUSA has called “Wonder Love and Praise.” (If you don’t have a copy, you should get one. It is from the Taize tradition in the Anglican and Catholic Church). My sister’s big Baptist church has power point projectors for the hymns and choruses they sing and they flash various pictures of the beatific (and very white, I might add) Christ during the services. It makes me churn as well, but it seems to help her stay together, so I know that God is there, just like she is during my High Church Anglican service I attend. But, to paraphrase the always colorful Anne Lamott, “God does not always have the same taste in _____ as we do” and I suppose that worship and music enter into that equation. Peace! Nice to have you back online, Pastor Amy!

  3. Didn’t Linda’s comment make you want to thank your husband for being a God-like man?


  4. Can you please clarify what you mean by LOUD? While I agree that some Contemporary Christian music is on the “edge” I take offense to the notion that it is somehow WRONG to say “hallelujuah” or “praise unto our father.” Sorry, but when the Lord has been good to you and I mean GOOD to you, one can’t help but SHOUT!!! Sorry, but one may find the kind of music sang at Calvary as BORING! No offense, but if you are going to classify Contemporary Christian music as LOUD then you may come across those who find the kind/style of music sang at Calvary as boring & emotionless. David tells us in Psalm 34 to bless the Lord at ALL times, his praises shall continually be in our mouth…and let us EXALT his name together. Furthermore, dosen’t LOUD come up in Psalm 150:4 “Praise him with LOUD cymbals.” When you think of it Psalm 150 is LOUD (musically speaking)-a beautiful loud. But, I guess when that trumpet sounds (and loudly I imagine) we SHALL behold his face. So, Loud is a good thing when you think about it. Be blessed.

  5. Hi Amy

    I Love the music I hear and song. I can’t help my self to jump up and start singing to the music. Yes Some time I can help my self in not singing the music. Even I come to church at 9:00am to worship to wait for the choir sing. And service starts at 11:00am. I ready love the music. O Wait a minite…. I’m in the choir. But that dusn’t mean I love the music. I LOVE MY CHURCH!!! I LOVE HYMNALS!!! MMM PREACHING??? I LOVE THE PREACHING. ? YES YES YES PREACH ON SISTER PREACH WHERE IF IT THE LAST PREACHING. The kingdom heaven will shout!! GLORY BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST. and peace on earth….

    Aman Sister Amy

  6. This is hilarious. Man, I really missed your blog while you were on sabbatical. Thanks!

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