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Written 3/04/07

To fully appreciate the impact of this particular experience you would have to know my history with radio.

I come from the Sesame Street generation, one of the first to spend hours and hours in front of the television. Since my mother was convinced only evil could come from the watching of television, my own personal experience was rather limited (Sesame Street, yes, The Waltons, and Little House on the Prairie, pretty much).

Imagine the social damage caused by the fact that, when I got to High School I had never watched even one episode of The Brady Bunch or Gilligan’s Island . . . and I have never (to this day) seen the movie Grease.

(I understand it’s very questionable.)

But I did listen to the radio a lot growing up.

The radio is much less likely to lead one down the path of debauchery than the television, you know.

Anyway, when I was young a very newfangled thing was all the rage: the Walkman. I distinctly remember getting one for a birthday one year—what utter joy! I would lay in bed at night after bedtime, put on my headphones, and dream away to the sounds of Christopher Cross.

What bliss and, if I may say so, what utter coolness! I may not have known who Marsha Brady was, but I KNEW who had called in to dedicated which song to whom, and I also knew all the lyrics to every one of Billy Joel’s songs.

And Blondie, too.

So, having long associated radio listening with my only hope for anything close to coolness on the media front, imagine my shock and horror yesterday when the following happened:

I was driving my almost-teenager (19 more days, to be exact), along with two friends from church, to a youth group activity. The weather was gorgeous, the sunroof was open and the radio was on. I think I was humming to something by Chicago when I heard distinctly from one of Hayden’s friends in the backseat:

“Oh, my mom listens to this station. I think all the moms listen to this station. They play really old songs.”

“All the moms listen to this station?” This did not sound cool to me. In fact, it sounded distinctly old. Not young and hip, up on the latest Crystal Gayle song, but outdated and far . . . very, very far . . . from the hip edge of coolness.

How could this have happened? When did the shift from “cool radio-savvy young person” to “coolness: EXPIRED” happen? Was I just not paying attention when the shift occurred? And what is this the radio DJ keeps saying about “oldies”? It’s just so wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

After this horrible experience I took some time to reflect. And after much thought and careful analysis of the situation I finally realized what had happened.

See, it must be that “all the moms” were too busy watching The Brady Bunch while growing up to stay up to date with what was cool. Now that we are all adults many of “the moms” have finally found their way to utter coolness, which is WHY, I later explained to Hayden, “all the moms” listen to the same radio station.

Turns out they’re just trying to be cool . . .

like me!


3 Comments on “All The Moms

  1. I too was TV restricted…except I wasn’t allowed to watch the Waltons or Little House on the Prairie. I was allowed a certain number of hours of PBS per week. I could choose what I would watch in those hours. Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, and 321 Contact were my TV diet.

    I too grew up with cool music, singing along to Blondie, the Cars, Chicago, Styx, and Huey Lewis, and I’m always wondering why they insist on using the word “Oldies” when CLEARLY that means like the beginning of rock-n-roll, not cool music. ah, well…it happens, I guess. Except I’m not a mom. Hmm…

    I am excited that you figured it out! I feel better. I’m going to tell the youth group about this immediately.

  2. Oh my. I must confess I downright guffawed at this entry. Then I read it to Ken.

    I agree, you are the absolute epitomy of coolness! 😉

  3. Hi Amy

    Just saying on cool. No I was not cool. I was more like the lone ranger of the school day. One point I had some friend in Elementary school but when I when to midel school. I just had some people to talk to. Not friends. So I had my teachers as friends. mybe? I never got in trouble in school. Mybe late hand full of time in school. So you see NOT COOL!!! But learning hear there on music. Yes I watch to much tv. FROM Iron Man, Fantastic Four, WWF, Robotech and more TO: Star Trek Animated, Orginal, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise only first season. I started to get a life.

    Sesame Street, The Waltons, and no Little House on the Prairie. I could not make my self seeing that. High School started to leson to Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister, R.E.M., U2. There some great music. Also I had some old schoo R&B. MMM And more. I started to have some friend around the last two year of high school. One extra year thank be to God that I got my job. Then my life change. I started to meet people after people. Started to make some friend. We’ll at work only. When to one church and finaly Calvary… I think I almost cool. Also I have a cool Paster. Now I started to leason to some of the music I miss. WoW!!!

    P.S. I got my frist no walkman but a portable CD player… Yes in 1987 a CD player cast my father $100. Yes I had it for six month and it broke. 😦 Better wait for 8 year later. Got my new CD player. And I still had my old CD. And I was out in the town. And yes and keep on danceing ya. keep on danceing ya. bo bo bo bo. 🙂 Bee Gee! No I’m still not saying I’m old… Give it a 12 year time. And we can see what happens.

    You’re Friend

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