Procrastination Blues

I learned a little about the Blues while mindlessly surfing the Internet trying any tack remotely reasonable to put off even further my homework for class this week.

I’m here reporting that I have been reasonably successful in putting off my hard work even further and I now share with you the fruits of, if I do say so myself, truly masterful procrastination.

All I can say is, if this whole pastor thing doesn’t work out, “watch out music world!!!”

The Procrastination Blues
(Written for the occasion of a Doctor of Ministry class beginning tomorrow.)

I’ve had the reading list since October’s end.

I’ve had the reading list since October’s end.

Now that class starts tomorrow, it has become my new best friend.

CHORUS: The blues, the procrastination blues . . .

Should’ve started sooner, now I’m paying the price,

All I can say is I hope the professor is nice,

Nuthin’ to do but sing the procrastination blues.

Spending my days lost in the reflections of old white men . . . oh,

Spending all my days lost in the reflections of old white men.

I gotta admit they seem to know what they’re talkin’ about . . . wish I’d read their thoughts sooner . . . don’t know where my mind’s been.


Five papers in forty-eight hours!

Five–help me, Jesus–papers in forty-eight hours!

I promise never to procrastinate again, dear God, if you’ll please send snow showers (Big ones! To cancel class!).


This stress my mind’s been doggin’!

I tell you, this stress my mind’s been doggin’!!!

I’m so sad I’ll just procrastinate more . . . by sitting here and blogging.

CHORUS (as many times as you need to procrastinate appropriately.)

2 Comments on “Procrastination Blues

  1. Good luck. As someone who has also been in similar straits many, many times, and continues to struggle with procrastination, I just wanted to let you know that I deeply sympathize with your “procrastination blues” and that you are (of course) not alone.

    Thank goodness for grace and salvation, although they are often not in the forms we desire.

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