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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Just the other day I got an email from my friend Paulo, who is a really nice guy (even though he goes to First Baptist). He indicated to me that I had been tagged on his blog so I ambled on over to check it out. After laughing uproariously for a few moments when I saw that I had been chosen as a favorite blog while Real Live Preacher got an honorable… Read More

I went to church today. That statement might not sound so surprising, as I can’t remember a Sunday when I was NOT in church. The difference today was that I was not leading worship, or even attending services at Calvary where, even when I am not preaching I am always “on duty”. Today I had the day off and I was in town, so I leisurely slept late and meandered to worship… Read More

I gave up the dream of becoming a rock star in sixth grade, to be precise, when my mother would not let me attend a Rick Springfield concert. I loved Rick Springfield and really wanted to stand in the front row swaying to “Jesse’s Girl.” I begged and pleaded, tried everything I could think of to get her let me go.No luck.Last Friday, though, I finally lived the dream. Alas, no Rick… Read More

Let’s pause for a moment in the important work of ministry and address the questions raised in my recent post, Mail Call. I decided a long time ago that the call I felt on my life was not to be an activist for the rights of women but to be a pastor to God’s people. This is why I prefer to answer emails like the one I got from my Pen Pal… Read More

Thanks to a reader of this blog and new Internet friend, Michael, I have an assignment to complete today. I realized as I thought about this that books intersect our lives at different times and meet us where we happen to be–the utter grace of that intersection is probably what makes the memory of a book so powerful. To celebrate that fact I’ve decided to be honest and not try to sound… Read More

The following appeared in my email in-box just last week. As you will read, the author (from here on known as “pen pal”) was concerned about my privacy and wanted my permission before going public. I appreciate his concern, but I thought his email was too notable not to share, as, whatever your opinion on the issue might be, this email provides an excellent introduction to the in-box of this (and I’m… Read More

Can it really be 15 years since we got married??!? I guess it’s true what they say about time flying when you’re having fun.